Raising Awareness

As part of the Foundation's commitment to 'promoting the natural and physical environment', the Wildlife Zone undertakes 'informal education' of all these subjects. In particular we feel that our magazines articles analyze problems and issues more thoroughly than do most newspapers.

Unfortunately many magazines are not always available to everyone and they also become out of date all too quickly. This is why many of these articles were also transmitted on the Wildlife Zone radio programme Moreover the Wildlife Zone is reissuing some of these stories for a further readership.


Andy Mydellton was shortlisted for the Hillingdon Literary Festival. The author and Ron Bishop were at the opening night of the Festival held at Brunel University, where Eddie the Anvil was published in an anthology of works which included all of the shortlisted writers in the book Writing Local, Thinking Global (ISBN 978-1-9085492-9-0).

This was pleasing because it is one of the short stories from the collection of The Secrets of Millstream Fork, which features the Foundation for Endangered Species' ongoing wildlife gardening project. The Wildlife Zone will publish the long planned anthology of this series to raise awareness and funds for FES.

The Secrets of Millstream Fork reveals what people can see in their gardens. All people need to do is to give wildlife priority over horticulture and make a reconnection with the natural world and the creatures around us. The personal benefits are many, and there are few, if any negatives.

One example of this is